Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hazrat Adam (A.S)

I have a lot of problems understanding the story of Hazrat Adam, hopefully some of you can help resolve these problems.

First, lets just look at the chronology of events:

1. Hazrat Adam is created.
2. Allah swt declares he will place a Khalifa on Earth - the angels question Allah saying that blood will be shed on Earth.
3. The angels and Hazrat Adam are questioned about the names - Hazrat tells the names, the angels don't (This is all starting around Quran 2.30)
4. The angels are asked to do sajda to Hazrat Adam, Shaitan doesn't and is thrown out etc.
5. Hazrat Adam is now in Paradise - shaitan enters - misleads Hazrat Adam - he eats from the forbidden tree and is sent to Earth.

My primary questions circle around Paradise and Earth here. From the onset Allah swt declares he wants to place a khalifa on earth, but Hazrat Adam starts of in "Paradise". What is the reconciliation between these two seemingly conflicting issues?

Secondly, shaitan seems to have access to Paradise. What kind of Paradise has one single forbidden tree? Shaitan misleads Hazrat Adam with the promise of immortality - meaning Hazrat Adam knew he would die - how is it that in Paradise you can die?

One theory states that this Paradise, referred to as "Jannah" in the Quran, refers to a garden that was in fact on earth. When Hazrat Adam disobeyed, he was thrown out of the garden i.e he was never in Paradise. There are some holes in this argument. Considering that Prophets are infallible, Hazrat Adam was not a Prophet in Paradise, he only received Prohethood once he was on Earth. Also, I haven't found any supporting evidence from hadith to this theory, there might be some out there

Foot print Of Hazrat Adam (A.S)


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look brother dont ask like this you question seems like you are going away from islam ok ask but not like that i am telling you the whole story and ans for your question listen... Allah swt plain to finish the dinasaours in the earth ok and the dinasaurs finished you know the story ok and then,ALLAH swt made a shape of human from a soil and then give that shape a live and then hazrat adam as live.so ALLAH swt command all the angel and the teacher of angels that is now shaitan,iblees,to pray a respect for hazrat adam as that i am sending him to the earth and he will be my first khalifa,so all respect,tauzeem,them but only the teacher of angels didnt respect ALLAW swt ask him why you didnt? he tells when adam is made of soil then i am from fire then how can i respect soil.and brother you know that ALLAH swt whener guide someone then hi will to be broke the mountain cause ALLAH swt says.ok then ALLAH swt guide adam as to go to jannat and live there eat,drink whatever you like their but dont eat that weat tree.and they confuse that ALLAH swt first guide all that i am sending them to earth and why ALLAH swt send me to jannat ok so they live there ohh sorry sorry brother i forgot to say hazat hawa was also their .ok so ALLAH swt test them that you see my lovely workout and my smile but you have to also see my anger.so adam as and hawa as eat all thing but they whithin eating anything they go to that weat tree and hawa as guide adam as to eat that so they eat and ALLAH swt know that they eat ALLAH swt ak them why you eat you didnt respect my say.in the meantime iblees,shaitan comes here and say ok leave them my lord they eat only one weat .ALLAH swt say shaitan you also didnt repct my say till the judgement day i will dont see your face.and ALLAH swt throw them with forcely in the earth and i dont know they throw in earth and they were something like that 40 thousand years 40 million years of what but they were in that meantime like they are very injured and then they didnt see eachother then they see eachother in the mountain you can search in youtube. ok brother hope you understrand.

jameel said...

Dear Brothers
I will soon tell you the reality of the story regarding Hazrat Adam (A.S) and his wife hazrati Hawa (A.S)